Like wild pampas growing in the southern parts of California, we too are growing within the homes of ourselves. Wild and free, mother nature shows us the beauty that is wrapped in her offerings and within ourselves. We sway in tune with the shifts in the wind, blowing in the direction that the universe intends for us to go.
ella luna was created to connect our free souls with the earth’s offerings. Our intention is to remind us all of the beauty that is within; the beauty within ourselves, our homes, the sacred places we choose to spend our time and create memories. This is not simply a piece to decorate your home with, but a piece to represent inner peace, sacred tranquility, and the soul.
We are one of many, yet like no other.
"Could you imagine if we showed ourselves the same love that the earth shows us?" is a question I often times ask myself.
The trees don't stop singing a melody that's in tune with the wind. The crickets don't pause to change their beat. Nature doesn't stop growing, it doesn't stop giving, it doesn't stop pushing forward, so why do we stop ourselves?
I set my heart on creating a feeling, a warm invitation, an unspoken understanding, of what pampas grass can bring into the home. When you create in an environment that reminds you of love, warmth, serenity and peace, the opportunities and self-discoveries are endless. That is the intention and mission that ella luna encompasses, it is a daily reminder of the overlooked beauty that is unconditionally gifted from the earth & that is also within ourselves.
With love,
Maya Kapouranis